Welcome to Twellium Foundation.

Our Initiative has affected a lot of people in very positive ways. Only the future can tell how far this act of ours will go down to affect generations

Giving back to society should not be seen as doing them a favour as it behooves on every corporate organization to help society especially the poor and disadvantaged.

Our Project

Verna Changing Lives Season 1.

Verna Changing Lives Season 2.

Verna Changing Lives Season 3.

Over the years, Twellium industrial company limited, saw the need to give back to society .Through that Twellium foundation was birthed to take care of the CSR activities.

Our Mission


The Twellium Foundation was therefore founded in October 2016 by  a renowned businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist as an informal NGO to help manage social projects aimed at enhancing lives of the poor and disadvantaged in society.

Our strategic priorities up to 2018 are:
  • Offer of scholarship to needy students
  • Equip people with anger management skills in order to curb violence
  • Provision of branded teaching and learning materials to schools
  • Provision of skills training to the youth

Backed by the biggest brand.

Twellium Industrial Company was incorporated in Ghana in September 2013, to kick start the production of 4 key franchised products. These include Rush Energy drink, Original American Cola, Planet Range and Bubble Up lemon lime. While the company specializes in the production of irresistible non-alcoholic beverages, it also prides itself in its flagship product, Verna Mineral Water, for its clean, tasty and refreshing appeal, as confirmed by target market and consumers.