It appears that the need to establish the Twellium Foundation cannot be over emphasis due to the obvious philanthropic works by its founder. The founder has been able to do a number of impactful things in the past even with its current shape – lack of organizational structure and project interventions. It stands to reason then, that if what he does is well-structured, it will be in the position to make much greater impact in the not-too-distant future. Again, it’s important however to underscore that a Foundation holds tremendous potential to harness more resources in order to expand impact.
The Twellium Foundation was therefore founded in October 2016 by  a renowned businessman, entrepreneur and philanthropist as an informal NGO to help support and empower disadvantaged groups.
To keep true to its mission, the Twellium Foundation shall be committed to doing a number of things from its inception by offering corporate social responsibility and corporate social impact investments in the areas of education through the offer of scholarship to needy students, equip people with anger management skills in order to curb violence; provision of branded teaching and learning materials to schools and provision of skills training to the youth as well as micro capital to rural women in Ghana.
Projects and initiatives shall be designed along the cardinal pillars of efficiency, effectiveness, and overall social impact that have kept the philanthropic nature of the founder alive for the past few years.
Meaning there will be an effective structure with an effective team who will have the capacity to design and execute programs and projects which have large scale impact on the lives of many people. Certainly, this will be the best way to keep and build upon the legacy of the founder in impacting lives positively.

The beauty of every charitable initiative is much appreciated by the indelible mark of gratitude that lives on forever